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Sleeping with an ex
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 Sleeping with an ex
It’s been a few weeks since your last break-up. You’re over that initial feeling of relief after ending a relationship you know wasn’t right for you. Now you’re just lonely. You think to yourself, “Hey, I should call up [insert ex’s name here] to catch up!” One thing leads to another and you end up in bed with the very person you had decided weeks earlier was the wrong person. SPOILER ALERT: This is not going to end well. 9 times out of 10, going back to your ex for a hook-up is just going to result in heartache. Here are a few reasons why backsliding is not worth all the trouble it causes.

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 There’s a Reason You Broke Up
There’s a Reason You Broke Up

Chances are that reason hasn’t changed since you left. After a break-up, it’s easy to feel nostalgic for the relationship and only remember the good parts. You think about the fun times you two shared and you want that back. When you start having these thoughts, remind yourself why you broke up. His annoying habits will still be there when you booty call him.

How Do You Get Over Him If You’re Under Him?
Sleeping with an ex will prevent you from moving on from the relationship. If you’re hooking up with the ex, he’s probably still on your mind, which closes you off from all the other great men out there. You can’t find a new relationship if you’re focused on your old one.

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 One of You Will Get the Wrong Idea
One of You Will Get the Wrong Idea
While I do think that a purely sexual relationship can work sometimes, I don’t think it’s possible with exes. It would be extremely difficult to dial back a relationship from long-term to no-strings-attached sex. If the strings were once there, it’s hard to remove them (if it can be done, this article explains how). One of you will read the signals wrong and think there’s a chance of reconciliation.

Of course, after a few glasses of wine and another bad first date, this article may not matter to you. You will still call up your ex for a night of fun. Just consider the morning of shame after. Keep your expectations low; this brief romp probably won’t end up in you two getting back together. When you get the overwhelming urge to booty call an ex, try calling a friend instead. I’m sure she would be more than happy to help you resist temptation and give you a much more specific list of reasons as to why you should avoid your ex.

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